Nutritional Components of Beef Low Fat Protein and Heart Rate Monitoring System for Wushu Athletes

  • Dongdong Li
Keywords: Animal protein; Beef nutrition; Glucose; Internet of things; Heart rate monitoring


Beef contains animal protein, which is one of the important substances to form a full, round and mellow taste. The main reactions involved in this process are the decomposition and degradation of protein, peptide and amino acid, and Maillard reaction.Beef protein will form protein, peptide and amino acid with certain molecular weight distribution after enzymolysis. In this paper, the author analyzesnutritional components of beef low fat protein and heart rate monitoring system for wushu athletes. Heart rate monitoring system for Wushu athletes based on the IoT technology is implemented in this manuscript. The application of the computer IoT technology can help people's lives move toward high-speed intelligent direction. This paper uses the cloud SaaS service to construct analytic framework. We use the data streaming technology to provide the model with proper feedback. The simulation on various database has proven the overall robustness.