Antioxidant Activity of Compound Fermented Yogurt and Endurance Training of Martial Arts

  • He Huang
Keywords: Probiotics; Yogurt nutrition; Antioxidant; Endurance training


For athletes, nutritional supplements are an important part of physical training. Milk is rich in a variety of nutrients, and its composite fermented yoghurt has multiple functions, which can provide nutritional support for martial arts endurance training.Therefore, in this paper, the probiotic Bifidobacterium and traditional lactic acid bacteria were mixed and fermented. The single-factor and response surface experiments were used to optimize the processing conditions of jujube yoghurt, and the quality and antioxidant activity of yoghurt were investigated. The antioxidant results showed that the probiotic yogurt had strong antioxidant activity against DPPH and ABTS+.From a physiological point of view, athletes are in an anaerobic state of work, and muscle activity is supplied by the lactic acid energy system. This shows that as long as the athlete's lactic acid energy system's ability to work can improve the athlete's anaerobic capacity, the athlete's endurance level will also increase. In the special training, the athletes' mental ability training should be strengthened, and their self-control ability and will quality should be strengthened.The athletes overcome the fatigue with strong perseverance, complete the training and competition, and at the same time strengthen the lactic acid durability of the body, and the special endurance level can be improved.