Vitamin D Nutritional Supplement on Bone Development and Adolescent Health Movement

  • Huaxiao Liao
Keywords: Vitamin D; Calcium absorption; Bone density; Adolescent health


Calcium is a macro element necessary for the human body to not only form bones, support the body, but also participate in the repair of "human body damage". Bone is composed of water, inorganic salts and organic matter. Among them, calcium salt acts as a main component of inorganic salts to impart bone hardness, while protein as a main organic substance makes bones elastic and tough. Therefore, calcium deficiency seriously affects the development of adolescent bones. Bone mineral density is influenced by a number of factors, including not only genetic factors, but also critical environmental factors. Vitamin D is one of the important nutritional factors in environmental factors. By promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine, mobilization of bone calcium, and by promoting the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus by the kidney, the effect of regulating the balance of calcium and phosphorus in plasma is achieved. This paper investigates the current status of bone mass in school-age children and adolescents, understands the changes in bone density, and its relationship with vitamin D. It not only provides reference for the prevention of diseases related to bone development in children and adolescents, but also prevents osteoporosis in adulthood. Provide a reference for occurrence and development.