Vitamin Content in Nutritional Supplements and Prevention of Financial Fraud in Food Companies

  • Huayu Guan
Keywords: Nutritional supplements. Vitamin B; Biotechnology; Abnormal detection


Vitamin nutrition plays an important role in the function of human body. The new nutritional supplement vitamin can completely replace vitamin in clinic. Compared with traditional dosage forms such as vitamin powder and oral liquid, this nutritional supplement is more convenient in taking, and is not restricted by group animals. Its absorption rate and bioavailability have been significantly improved. In this paper, the authors analyze the vitamin content in nutritional supplements and prevention of financial fraud in food companies. Combined with abnormal operating cash net flow analysis method to control the company's financial earnings, the multiple linear analysis method is adopted to carry out the statistical analysis of the company's financial surplus, and combine the abnormal detection method, the company's financial fraud prevention and control is realized. The results of empirical analysis show that the method is effective and accurate for the abnormal detection of corporate financial affairs and improves the level of financial management.