Nutrition Analysis of Meat Food Protein and Financial Performance of Food Listed Companies

  • Bo Wu
Keywords: Pork nutrition; Liposoluble vitality; Protein source; Bee swarm algorithm


Pork is rich in nutritional value and an important source of high-quality protein. It is also the main source of fat energy and an important carrier of fat-soluble vitamins. Pork muscle has higher nutritional value, and hot water thawing causes the greatest loss of amino acid content in muscle. Pork with low fat and high protein is becoming more and more popular. In this paper, the authors analyze the nutrition analysis of meat food protein and financial performance of food listed companies.The empirical results of many scholars in the vertical audience show that there is a positive, negative, unrelated, and inverted “U” relationship between the two. In recent years, research on the relationship between executive pay and corporate social responsibility performance has gradually emerged. However, there is less research on how the financial performance and the executive compensation affect the corporate social responsibility. Consequence to the state-of-the-art research, this paper discusses the relevance of executive compensation and corporate financial performance of listed companies based on bee colony algorithm.