Analysis of the Effect of Protein Nutrient Intake on Weight Gain

  • Song Quanyu
Keywords: Premature infant; Nutrient intake; Protein; Weight gain


When the premature baby is born, the organs of the body are not fully matured, and the ability to live outside the mother is weak. In particular, the energy storage in the premature infants is insufficient, and various complications affecting growth and development may occur. The supply of nutrients, along with the growth and development problems will be very serious. To ensure the good nutritional status of premature infants, not only can the premature infants reach the growth and development standards as soon as possible, increase the body's resistance, but also prevent the occurrence of feeding-related diseases, such as feeding intolerance, neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis. This paper analyzes the effect of protein nutrient intake on body weight gain, grouping according to different birth weight, different gestational age, and different discharge weight growth rates, respectively, to study the nutritional supply during hospitalization, and to analyze the energy supply and protein intake to body weight. The impact is to provide a theoretical and clinical basis for the establishment of a nutritional support program that can improve the quality of life, with good scientific, practical and feasible.