Milk Vitamin D Nutritional Status Analysis and Physical Training Nutrition Supplement

  • Jia Zeng
Keywords: Basketball player; Vitamin D; Nutritional support; Physical training


With the continuous advancement of society, China's economy has achieved rapid development, and it has also promoted the vigorous development of sports. Among them, basketball has made certain progress as an important sports project.Vitamins are an important class of fat-soluble vitamins that play an important role in human bone development, nutrient absorption and rickets control. It is especially important for athletes, especially basketball players with strong sports impact. Ample physical fitness is the most basic guarantee for athletes' athletic ability. However, in China, there are many problems in physical training in basketball. It is these problems that make the physical strength of basketball players in China far less than the physical level of international first-class athletes.This is the biggest obstacle to the rapid development of basketball in China.First of all, our basketball coaches should pay more attention to the athletes' physical training and make a complete training plan. The athletes' sports quality will be balanced and the level of basketball in China will be improved.