Green Plant Potassium Nutrition and Green Interior Design

  • Zhang Lei
Keywords: Green plant; Potassium element; Green design concept; Interior design


Potassium is an activator of enzymes essential for maintaining plant life processes. The content of potassium in plants is 0.30% to 5.0%.With the improvement of people's quality of life and the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection concepts, green design has set off a new wave of design in interior design. The combination of interior design and green design will contribute to the ecological environment protection while improving people's learning, work and living environment.This paper analyzes the design principles of green design concepts, expounds the application status and specific application of green design concepts in interior design, aims to strengthen the application of green design concepts in interior design and enhance the social significance of interior design.At the same time, the implementation of green interior design is closely related to the growth of green plants. Potassium is one of the three nutrients needed for plant growth. It can activate enzymes in plants, promote metabolism, and improve the ability of photosynthesis and its products to operate. The research and development of potassium-containing agricultural products plays an important role in promoting plant growth and improving the living environment.