Therapeutic Effect of Nutritional Support Nursing on Chronic Cardiac Insufficiency and Cardiogenic Malnutrition

  • Liu Zhe
Keywords: Heart failure; Nutrient intake; Cardiogenic malnutrition; Protein metabolism


Patients with chronic heart failure often have metabolic abnormalities in protein, fat, and glucose. Patients often have excess insulin secretion and abnormal glucose tolerance.This article explores the therapeutic significance of nutritional support therapy for chronic cardiac insufficiency and cardiogenic dystrophy based on conventional treatment of chronic cardiac insufficiency. 72 patients with chronic cardiac insufficiency and malnutrition were selected and divided into the treatment group and the control group (free diet group).The nutritional support group underwent nutritional support according to the calculated total energy expenditure, and the free diet group was fed ad libitum. The plasma albumin, total lymphocytes and body mass of the two groups were observed. 72 patients had different degrees of malnutrition at admission. After 28 days of treatment, plasma albumin, body mass and lymphocyte counts were significantly decreased in the free diet group. Plasma albumin, body mass and lymphocyte count were significantly different in the nutritional support group. rise.Conclusion: The treatment of chronic heart failure combined with nutritional support treatment can increase the concentration of plasma albumin, increase the body weight, improve the immune status, and improve the therapeutic effect of heart failure.