Protein Nutrition of Agricultural Products and Effect of Information Recommendation on Consumers’ Wechat Business Channel Adoption

  • Liming Lin
Keywords: Rice protein; Essential amino acid; Wechat business channels;Perceived usefulness


Green organic rice of agricultural products has rich nutritional value. The main storage proteins in rice are glutelin and prolamin. The molecular weight of glutelin is large, and its amino acid composition is similar to that of other grains. Lysine, methionine, cysteine and histidine are higher than prolamin. From the perspective of technology acceptance model, this paper examines the influence of information recommendation on consumer Wechat business channel adoption. The empirical results of 364 questionnaires found that information recommendation positively affects consumer wechat business channel adoption, and trust enhances the positive relationship between them. In addition, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use mediate the impact of information recommendation on consumer wechat business channel adoption. The conclusion of this paper has a positive enlightenment for enterprises to carry out the promotion of wechat business channels and the design of wechat business marketing activities.