Egg Products Lecithin Nutrition and Sports Energy Supplement

  • Zhiyong Liu
Keywords: Egg nutrition; Animal protein; Lecithin; Nutritional difference; College sports


Egg has always been considered as one of the best animal protein sources. Many nutrients such as water, VE, amino acid, immune protein and so on will change in the process of hatching, but there is no significant difference in the content of lecithin with the increase of hatching time. However, the content of sterol decreased greatly, the content of VEincreased significantly, and the content of lecithin was rich.In this paper, the author analyzeegg products lecithin nutrition and sports energy supplement. The internalization and the consolidation of knowledge are reversed to achieve the transformation of teacher-student roles in traditional teaching and try to apply it to college martial arts classes for teaching experiments. The results show that the use of the “flip-off class” teaching model of micro-curriculum improves the students’ martial arts. Theory, technical achievements and self-confidence have a significant role. It can provide reference for future martial art teaching reform. Besides this, the informationfusion scenario is also integrated to the proposed model to provide the statistical analysis of the data simulated. The data mining model is conducted to use the computer to help evaluate the systematic performance.