Therapeutic Effect of Low Calorie and Glycolipid Diet combined with Exercise Training on Hyperlipidemia

  • Liu Gang
Keywords: Dietary fiber; Resistance exercise; Diabetes mellitus; Hyperlipidemia; Nutritional intervention


Aerobic exercise has a significant effect on controlling the physiological, biochemical and body morphological indexes of type 2 diabetes mellitus, especially in controlling blood sugar of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Dietary fiber program mainly supplements fiber polysaccharide powder rich in oat fiber, soybean fiber and stachyose.Carbohydrates accounted for 45% of total energy intake, protein 20% and fat 25%. At the same time, the actual calorie intake and the ratio of sugar to lipid intake of patients are not different. In this paper, the authors analyse the therapeutic effect of low calorie and glycolipid diet combined with exercise training on hyperlipidemia.Through aerobic exercise to effectively control and reduce the metabolism of blood sugar and lipid in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It can improve the body shape index, cardiopulmonary function and other aspects, and achieve good fitness results. In the early stage of formulating exercise prescription, physical examination was conducted to provide the necessary safety basis for aerobic exercise.