Organic Food Nutrition and English Diagnosis Learning Based on Logistic Function

  • Qiu Ying
Keywords: Protein food; Milk fat; Nutrition; Logistic function; Information fusion


Milk is a well-known nutritional beverage, whichhas better nutritional value. Milk is a complete protein food, which plays an important role in the formation and development of brain pulp and nerve. At the same time, the cholesterol content of milk fat is lower than that of meat and eggs, which has theeffect of lowering cholesterol in the body.In this paper, the author analyzes organic food nutrition and English vocabulary diagnosis based on logistic function. In order to improve the adaptive ability of English diagnostic learning and improve the level of English adaptive learning and teaching, an English diagnostic learning algorithm based on Logistic function model is proposed. Adaptive learning is carried out by using the distributed concept set of English learning resources and convergence control in the process of English diagnostic learning by combining multiple fusion methods to improve the adaptive ability of English diagnostic learning. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is more adaptive and convergent, and the global convergence ability of English diagnostic learning is improved.