Green Food Vitamin Nutrition and Marketing Strategy

  • Liang Rao
Keywords: Organic corn; Vitamin nutrition; Marketing; Vitamin B2


Organic sweet corn has rich nutritional value, and is a new food for both vegetables and fruits. Organic corn is rich in sugar, fat, protein, and vitamin B2. Corn kernels contain 75% starch, 11% protein, 6% fat and rich vitamins, with high nutritional value. In this paper, the author analyse the green food vitamin nutrition and marketing strategy.Through the analysis of the basic concepts and characteristics of green food and its marketing, as well as the current situation of green food marketing in China, the macro and micro marketing environment of green food in China is analyzed. This paper deeply studies the psychology and behavior of consumers' green consumption, and on the basis of classifying and describing the characteristics of green consumers, from the subjective and objective factors that affect consumers' green consumption behavior From the perspective of element, analyze and determine the subdivision and positioning of green marketing market, and put forward strategies to solve the problem of green food marketing.