Egg Cholesterol Nutritional Supplement for Athletes and Wushu Brand Construction

  • Liang Jia
Keywords: Egg cholesterol;Equilibrium nutrients; Saturated fatty acids; Brand building


Eggs are rich in essential protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients, which can provide balanced nutrients that affect human health. Because eggs are the main source of dietary cholesterol, unstable cholesterol homeostasis leads to abnormal cholesterol metabolism, such as hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. Nutrition experts recommend limiting egg and dietary cholesterol intake. In this paper, the authorsanalyze egg cholesterol nutritional supplement for athletes and wushu brand construction.In order to improve the ability of nonlinear planning and adaptive control of Wushu brand building, the optimal scheduling and core control of Wushu competition brand are carried out by the method of equalization of interests. Under the vision of information dissemination, the brand construction and rational examination of Wushu events can be realized. The test results show that the statistical analysis and balanced disposition of brand construction by this method are better, the benefit distribution equilibrium of competition brand construction is improved, and the competition brand construction is optimized and developed.