Mathematical Model of Comprehensive Evaluation of Food Nutrition Safety based on AHP

  • Huaping Li
Keywords: AHP; Food safety; Milk protein; Amino acid; Statistical model


More and more attention has been paid to the nutrition and food safety of milk. The content of amino acid in milk was higher than that in normal milk. Among them, the content of essential amino acids in yak milk is 0.15% higher than that in milk leucine. In this paper, the author analyse the mathematical model of comprehensive evaluation of food nutrition safety based on AHP.Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is a kind of decision-making method that decomposes various elements related to decision-making into objectives, criteria, schemes and other levels, on which qualitative and quantitative analysis are carried out. How to combine AHP with the design of sampling plan of food safety supervision and inspection, how to include all the important factors in the theoretical framework, how to apply AHP to the formulation of food safety comprehensive evaluation plan after the formation of the theoretical system of the design of food safety comprehensive evaluation plan in the way of operability, these will be the follow-up needs to be further studied and focused on problems solved.