Organic Rice Vitamin B Nutrition and Cross-regional Ecological Compensation Accounting Method

  • Wen Wei
Keywords: Cross-regional ecological compensation;Green rice; Carbohydrates; Vitamin B6


Northeast organic rice is rich in protein and amino acid vitamins. Rice protein accounts for more than 30% of human consumption of food protein. Although B vitamins such as B2, B6 and nicotinic acid are relatively high in rice, the vitamin nutrition content in rice washing andheating has a certain influence because of the great loss of rice washing.In this paper, with the help of comprehensive evaluation method-Analytic hierarchy process (AHP), through expert scoring, calculating weights, analyzing factors such as ecological construction task cycle, cost, economic development level and natural attributes of forest resources, and so on, the compensation index is determined. Cross-regional ecological compensation, as a kind of institutional arrangement, is a complex process of systematic institutional construction.It is necessary not only to solve the problem of coordination of compensation funds, but also to support other measures such as policies, economic cooperation, laws and regulations. The standard model of cross-regionalecological compensation is constructed and the coordination mechanism is explored in order to realize the coordinated development of the region.