Food Protein Nutrition and Fully Homomorphic Encryption Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment

  • Benqing Dong
Keywords: Peanut nutrition; Protein content; Lysine; Cloud computing; Blockchain technology


The protein content of peanut is 25% - 36%, which is widely used in meat processing, beverage processing and other fields. Gelation is one of the important functional properties of peanut protein. The main factors affecting the gel formation are peanut globulin and sulphur amino acids.In this paper, the authors analyze the food protein nutrition and fully homomorphic encryption algorithms in cloud computing environment. In cloud computing, all user data is stored on the cloud resource node. When the user needs it, the calculation result of the data is sent to the user through the network. Since all users' data is stored in the cloud, users do not have full control over their private data. Therefore, cloud service providers must provide secure and reliable guarantees. The best way to ensure data security is to encrypt the transmitted data and stored data. This paper introduces the optimization of fully homomorphic encryption algorithms in the cloud computing environment to provide us with the optimal solution.