Vegetable Vitamin C Nutrition and Game Relationship of Related Stakeholders under Circular Agriculture Policy

  • Zhang Jingwen
Keywords: Circular agriculture policy; Related stakeholders; Vitamin C; Cauliflower


Biotin C is widely found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Cauliflower is a cruciferous Brassica plant, rich in nutrition, protein, food fiber, vitamins and so on. Studies have shown that cauliflower is rich in vitamin C, and long-term consumption can improve the immune function of human body. In this paper, the author analyses the vegetable vitamin c nutrition and game relationship of related stakeholders under circular agriculture policy. In the process of implementing the circular agricultural policy, the five different types of interests of the central government, local governments, farmers, agriculture-related enterprises and rural intermediary organizations have their own different interests. Although the difference in this kind of interest appeal is normal, the pursuit of maximization of self-interest will inevitably lead to conflicts, which involves the game relationship between the interests.