Effects of Plant Nitrogen Nutrition and Fertilizer on Agricultural Economy

  • Shi Rui
Keywords: Fertilizer, Protein nutrition; Agricultural growth, Environmental kuznets curve


Excessive application of fertilizer is an important reason for agricultural pollution.The purpose of this paper is to verify the relationship between fertilizer and agricultural economic growth in the North-East China.We choose level time series data from 2000-2017 based on Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) model, which analyzesthe stage and development trend of fertilizer.And then based on vector autoregression (VAR) model, impulse response function was used to describe the interaction mechanism and dynamic impact effect between them. According to EKC, we find that there is an inverted "U" curve between fertilizer and agricultural economic growth. The fertilizer application intensity in the North-East China is on the right half of the EKC now, which indicates the application intensity of chemical fertilizers will decrease and stabilize in the next few years.The results of VAR model prove that there is a long-term stable co-integration relationship between fertilizer application intensity and agricultural economic growth. Excessive application of chemical fertilizer will lead to agricultural pollution and hinder the development of agricultural economy for a long time.Some relative suggestions are put forward according to empirical results.