Vitamin Nutrition of Imported Apple and Promotion of Chinese Culture

  • Yuting Gong
Keywords: Apple nutrition; Vitamin C; Chinese language; Dietary supplement


Apple is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. It contains essential nutrients, such as sugar 13%, fat 1%, protein 2%, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B.In this paper, the author analyse thevitamin nutrition of imported apple and promotion of Chinese culture.This paper focuses on how to carry out the reverse osmosis and de colonization of Chinese language and culture from the perspective of translation studies, so as to promote and carry forward the essence of the greater Chinese culture and establish the Chinese language and culture standing in the world's language and culture forest. The global output of Chinese culture is bound to rely on the power of translation. It is an inevitable choice to promote and promote Chinese language and culture through translation.In the process of language expression and translation, it is possible to achieve the success of the reverse osmosis of Chinese language and culture to Western English.