Organic Food Amino Acid Nutrition and Financial Risk Calculation for PPP Project

  • Li Ping
Keywords: Red bean protein;Lysine; Fat metabolism; PPP model, B vitamins


Organic red bean is a kind of health food with high protein and low fat, which contains high protein and carbohydrate, but relatively low fat. Red bean contains unsaturated fatty acid linoleic acid, vitamin and more dietary fiber. In addition, red beans contain vitamins, mainly B vitamins and dietary fiber and other substances for the heart protection havea good effect.In this paper, the author analyzesthe organic food amino acid nutrition and financial risk calculation for PPPproject.The success of theproject construction project under the PPP model needs a high level of pre planning and the common planning of all parties.In PPP projects, it is very important for the operation of the whole project to realize reasonable management and control of funds. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically prepare the budget and strengthen the management and control of funds. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out accurate investment planning for the funds in the project, scientific arrangement and planning for loans and bonds, and realize the scientific distribution and management of the funds input and use.