Dairy Vitamin D Nutrition and Food Enterprise Human Resource Strategy

  • Xu Rong
Keywords: Dairy products; Food safety; Corporate social responsibility; Human resource management


Milk is a natural high-quality food with complete nutrition, suitable composition and easy digestion and absorption. For the current Chinese diet structure, the main role of milk food is to provide high quality protein, calcium, vitamin A and riboflavin.In recent years, with the increase in people's awareness of the nutritional value of milk, the consumption of milk food has been rising, the milk market has prospered, and there are many kinds of milk, milk, yogurt, fruit milk, high-calcium milk and espresso milk. Every day is new. Among the many subjects that guarantee food safety, food companies play the role of the first responsible person.Fulfilling social responsibility is the basic obligation of food companies. The fulfillment of their responsibilities to employees is the basis for fulfilling their responsibilities to other stakeholders. The impact of human resource management on organizational performance, strategic goals and transformative capabilities has been influenced by academic and business circles. attention. This paper focuses on the problems of social responsibility of food enterprises in China, the necessity of strategic social responsibility management, and the focus of human resources management.