Effect of Organic Food Vitamin Protein Supplementation on Athletes’ High-intensity Energy Consumption Recovery

  • Tianbo Yu
Keywords: Athlete; High intensity training; Nutrition strategy; Recipe


Vitamins are the main components of various plant roots, stems and leaves, and are widely found in nature. Cellulose is hydrophilic, and the intestines are kept moist by water absorption, so that they are not too dry to prevent diseases such as bowel cancer.Vitamin C can promote the biosynthesis of human collagen, which is beneficial to the healing of tissue wounds, promotes the process of biological redox, maintains the integrity of cell membranes, and improves the effects of iron, calcium and folic acid. With the development of competitive sports, coaches and athletes pay more and more attention to the application of nutrition to promote fatigue recovery. In the high-intensity training period, the nutritional needs of athletes increase, and researchers need to combine the means of diet and supplements to ensure their body needs and successfully complete the training. plan.This paper analyzes the nutrient content of VC in fruits and discusses the recipes of high-intensity athletes, and proposes reasonable and scientific recipes for high-intensity athletes. Based on the investigation and analysis of the current situation of athletes' dietary nutrition, the paper puts forward a scientific and reasonable dietary nutrition supplement and nutritional supplement application strategy, and develops standardized recipes for the reference of coaches and athletes.