Nutrition of Hydrolyzed Protein Formula Milk and the Effect of Bureaucracy in Food Enterprises

  • Yang Chunlin
Keywords: Formula Milk Powder; Protein Nutrition; Vitamin D;Centralization;Psychological ownership


Protein, fat and carbohydrate are three major productivity nutrients in infant formula milk powder. Vitamins are a kind of small molecular organic compounds necessary to maintain the normal life process of human body. It has little content in the body, but it plays an important role in maintaining the health of the body. Liposoluble vitamins mainly include vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E, which can regulate various physiological functions of the human body.In this paper, the authoranalyse the nutrition of hydrolyzed protein formula milk and the effect of bureaucracy in food enterprises. In order to study the relations between psychological ownership and voice behavior, we creatively categorized voice behavior into episodic voice and continuous voice. We collected matched data from 318 employee-supervisor dyads in banks. Our results show that psychological ownership has negative relations with episodic voice and positive relations with continuous voice. Bureaucratic practices play moderating roles in the relationships between psychological ownership and the two new forms of voice behaviors, namely episodic and continuous voice.