Food Vitamin Nutrition of Soybean Products and Intervention of College Students’ Mobile Phone Dependence

  • Chuan LIANG
Keywords: Vitamin B1; Soybean nutrition; Protein; Mobile phone addictions


Soybean and soybean products are rich in nutrients, and their protein content is about 6 times that of cereals and potatoes. Other nutrients such as fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin Bl, B2 and other nutrients necessary for human body are significantly higher than cereals and potatoes. Soybean is ideal vegetable protein foods.In this paper, the authors analyze the food vitamin nutrition of soybean products and intervention of college students’ mobile phone dependence.Nowadays, mobile phones are popular among modern college students because of its convenience, versatility and practicability. However, college students are may addicted to using it. The paper focuses on college students' mobile phone addiction attentional bias, selecting those who are addicted to mobile phone by mobile phone addiction scale, exploring the internal mechanism of the attentional bias. The study found that the causes of mobile phone addiction is associated with attention mode, there is attentional bias on the relevant information provided by the mobile phone, and college students who normally use mobile phone are in such bias.