Vitamin B Nutrition of Organic Vegetables and Innovation of Entrepreneurship Model of College Students

  • Xueling Nie
Keywords: Tomato Nutrition; Vitamin C; Industrial restructuring; Employment and entrepreneurship


Tomato is a kind of common vegetable, which not only has high commercial value, but also has high nutritional value. Tomato is rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A and carotene. Food nutrition supplement is very important for college students' study and life. This paper studies the adaptability of college graduates' employment and entrepreneurship management system under the adjustment of industrial structure in our country, and analyzes the connection between industrial structure and college students' employment and entrepreneurship, and studies the change of industrial structure in our country. This paper verifies that under the industrial upgrading in China, enterprises will absorb more college graduates and the growth rate of secondary school students will slow down. Further explanation gives the conclusion of the adaptability analysis of our country's industrial upgrading on promoting the employment and entrepreneurship management system of college graduates.