Protein Nutrition of Meat Products andEffectiveness of Eye-tracking Corrective Feedback in English EFL Course

  • Xiangyu Tan
Keywords: Chicken protein; Amino acid composition; Eye-tracking, corrective feedback


The amino acid composition of chicken protein is the highest in glutamic acid and tryptophan, followed by aspartic acid, lysine, leucine and arginine. There are various kinds of amino acids and high content of essential amino acids. In this paper, the author analyse the protein nutrition of meat products and effectiveness of eye-tracking corrective feedback in English EFL course. Though eye-tracking has been used to study L2 learners’ reading performance, butits value in aiding SLA researcher to make more discoveries is underestimated. The target research area is a controversial SLA research topic: written correct feedback. In this research, eye-tracker was used to observe, record and analyze three adult L2 learners’ responses to written corrective feedbacks provided by the teachers. The results indicate that most written corrective feedbacks are noticed, especially the direct ones. However, the noticing of the direct feedback does not lead to immediate improvement of accuracy. Accuracy only improves where learners have already acquired the rules surrounding the erroneous structures with corrective feedback.