Amino Acid Nutrition of Beef Food and Moving Target Tracking of Food Logistics Robot

  • Li Qin
Keywords: Beef nutrition; Amino acid; Food logistics robot; Moving target tracking


Beef is an important kind of edible meat, which is favored by people who pursue health for its rich amino acid content. Beef is rich in protein and amino acids. Beef rapid and intelligent logistics transportation has also become an important part of beef trade. With the continuous development of mobile robot in food intelligent logistics and other fields in recent years, its tracking and motion response to moving objects are also increasingly concerned. With the continuous progress of machine vision technology, the acquisition of target motion state based on sequence image analysis and processing is widely used because of its low cost, wide adaptability and small deployment difficulty. However, the existing recognition and tracking methods, especially the model-free tracking method with only the first frame of initial information and no other prior knowledge, have the characteristics of insufficient environmental adaptability, too much computation and poor robustness for a long time, which make it difficult to deploy on the mobile robot platform or adapt to the working environment well. In view of the above problems, this paper studies the model free moving target recognition and tracking technology of mobile robot platform.