Nutritional Function of Food Protein and Image Object Recognition and Simulation based on Computer Vision

  • Tingmei Wang
Keywords: Enzymolysis protein;Amino acid nutrition; Neural network, Image recognition


Tryptophan deficiency in food will affect brain metabolism, cause nicotinic acid deficiency and lead to skin roughness disease, etc., while lysine is the first limiting amino acid of the people whose staple food is grain, which can affect the synthesis, metabolism and immunity of brain nerve regenerative cells. In this paper, the author analyzesthe nutritional function of food protein and image object recognition and simulation based on computer vision.Because of the poor contrast of the original SAR image,it is necessary to use gray stretch to improve the dynamic range of the gray level of the image. In order to suppress the influence of speckle noise on target recognition, the enhancement filtering algorithm is used to denoise. The results show that the improved depth learning model is more accurate and the effect will be further improved after feature selection.The limitation of the algorithm proposed in this paper is that as the distinction between target and background decreases, the effect of the algorithm will be weakened.