Relief of Neonatal Pain by Nutritional Food Combined with Music Therapy

  • Xiang Du
Keywords: Nutritious food; Music therapy; Babies; Amino acid composition


The protein content of milk is about 4%. Whey protein is the most important protein in milk because it contains essential branched chain amino acids and peptides with physiological activity.In this paper, the author analyse the relief of neonatal pain by nutritional food combined with music therapy. Music therapy is an applied discipline, which mainly follows the principle of psychotherapy, and regards therapy as a systematic process of participation. In this process, music plays a unique catalytic role, and the music psychological experience makes the emotional, behavioral and ideological changes of the treated.In this study, non drug intervention has played a better role of comfort, can significantly reduce the pain of newborn, distract the attention, MT has the strongest role, NNs also has a very important role, the combination of the two is more significant.