Nutritional Components of Frozen Beef Crude Fat and Multimodal English Vocabulary Teaching for Trade Terms

  • Wen Ji
Keywords: Total amino acids of beef; fat content; trade vocabulary; nutritional function


The nutritional value of beef is mainly reflected in protein, which is the material basis of life and an important component of human, animal and plant cells. The total amino acid content of beef is 15%, the essential amino acid content is 8%, and the nutrition is very rich.In this paper, the author analyse the nutritional components of frozen beef crude fat and multimodal English vocabulary teaching for trade terms.Multimodal teaching has gradually become a trend of modern foreign language teaching because it can fully mobilize learners' senses to participate in learning. Multimodal chunk teaching not only takes into account the context of vocabulary use, but also realizes the multimodal construction, acquisition and access of meaning. The results show that multimodal chunk teaching is helpful to improve students' comprehensive English level.