Vitamin C nutrition of Orange and Economic PerformanceAnalysis of Fruit Supply Chain Management

  • Feng Sun
Keywords: Vitamin C; Orange Nutrition; Circulation of agricultural products; Supply chain


The peel of citrus fruits is rich in vitamin C. Orange also contains many kinds of nutrients, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, fruit acid, citric acid. In this paper, the authors analysethe vitamin c nutrition of orange and economic performance analysis of fruit supply chain management. The logistics of agricultural products can provide the efficiency of production and circulation, and provide more choices for the consumers. However, Northernregionis still in the traditional agricultural product logistics system and cannot solve the structural contradictions in the production and supply of agricultural products.Thus, this paper analysethe development strategy of Northern regionagricultural products logistics from the perspective of supply chain.Through the analysis of the present situation, the restrictive factors and the development feasibility of the agricultural products logistics in Northern regionProvince, we put forward the rationalization proposals for the development of agricultural products logistics in Northern regionprovince.