Nutritional Effects of Food Iron and Vitamin A and Translation of Foreign Trade Food Vocabulary

  • Kun Liang
Keywords: Iron; Vitamin A; Food Chinese vocabulary; Vocabulary translation


Iron is an indispensable trace element for human health. It is an important part of hemoglobin in the human
body. It plays a vital role in hemoglobin transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide. This article analyzes the
nutritional effects of food iron and vitamin A and foreign trade food vocabulary translation. With the continuous
development of China's economic strength and the continuous enhancement of foreign trade, food trade is the
most typical representative among them. In today's economic globalization, all kinds of Chinese cuisine are
brought to the international stage. If you want to strengthen domestic and foreign food trade activities, you must
express the characteristics of various foods in the correct translation, so that domestic and foreign food products
can be fully understood. As a general language, English can not only play an active role as a bridge and link in
the foreign trade of food, but also provide positive assistance for equal cooperation between the two sides. The
positioning of trade vocabulary translation is based on vocabulary teaching and supplemented by cultural
introduction. The vocabulary is more of an external explicit form of expression, and culture is the inner implicit