Study on the Biological Function of Vitamin E to the Muscle Recovery of Athletes

  • Xu Li
Keywords: Vitamin E; Biological function; Muscle fatigue; Muscle recovery; Sports nutrition


Vitamin E is an important antioxidant in animals, which can protect cell membranes and subcellular membranes
from peroxidative damage and prevent the production of active cell membrane phospholipid peroxides. This
article analyzes the biological function of vitamin E on athletes' muscle recovery. The external manifestation of
exercise fatigue is the inability to maintain a certain exercise intensity, resulting in shortened exercise time. In
addition, the continuous accumulation of sports fatigue, if there is no adequate rest, it is easy to lead to overtraining,
this situation will lead to the overall decline in human functioning ability, and even increase the body
during exercise The chance of sports injuries. There are many reasons for the occurrence of sports fatigue. One
of the influencing factors is that excessive free radicals are generated during exercise, and the human body
cannot eliminate them in time, which promotes the occurrence of sports fatigue. Vitamin E can reduce lipid
peroxidation and scavenge free radicals, so proper supplementation of vitamin E can effectively reduce or
eliminate fatigue.