Regulation and Control of Pig Skeletal Muscle Fiber Nutrition and Athletes Recover Their Physical Fitness after Training

  • Chang Guiling
Keywords: Pig skeletal muscle fiber; Nutrition regulation; Football; Physical fitness recovery


The difference in skeletal muscle function is caused by the diversity of skeletal muscle fiber types and
myofibrillar proteins as well as their distribution and composition ratio. Lactate dehydrogenase is a marker
enzyme for anaerobic metabolism. The activity of lactate dehydrogenase in fast muscle fibers is high, and the
energy supply for sugar anaerobic metabolism is strong. This paper analyzes the regulation of pig skeletal
muscle fiber nutrition and the recovery of athletes' physical fitness after training. Skeletal muscle, as the human
body's largest movement organ, is the guarantee for the human body to complete various sports. The study of
skeletal muscle fiber types provides a theoretical basis for improving the methods of sports training, improving
the level of sports training and scientifically selecting sports materials. One of the characteristics of modern
football training is the use of large-load and high-intensity training methods. In normal training and
competitions, athletes must withstand high load intensity or higher physical requirements. Therefore, how to
improve the physical fitness of athletes and eliminate the fatigue of heavy load training is getting more and more
attention. The use of nutritional supplements will achieve better results.