Lactating Cow Glucose Nutrition and Skier’s Physical Fitness and Muscle Recovery

  • Maomao Zhang
Keywords: Glucose nutrition; Skiing; Physical fitness of athletes; Muscle recovery


Glucose is an indispensable nutrient in the body’s metabolism. The heat released by its oxidation reaction is an
important source of energy for human life activities. Glucose is easily absorbed into the blood, so hospital staff,
sports enthusiasts, and ordinary people often use it as a powerful and fast energy supplement. This article
analyzes lactating cows' glucose nutrition and skier's physical fitness and muscle recovery. Competitive skiing is
distinctively competitive and specific, and the relevant conditions are strict. With the improvement of crosscountry
skiing special training and functional training, when the high-intensity training load is completed, the
role of body fluid supplementation and recovery becomes increasingly greater. Muscle strength is the source of
power during exercise. Movement is generated by muscle contraction and pulling of the bone lever. Using
reasonable muscle strength detection and analysis methods, the effect of physical training is reflected in the
ability to enhance the performance of athletes in aerial skills. It is beneficial to break through the physical limits
of athletes in the competition, ensure the endurance level of athletes, and promote the overall development of