Calcium and Vitamin D3 Nutrition and Long-distance Runner Diet Intervention

  • Yanpeng Zhao
Keywords: Calcium nutrition; Vitamin D3; Long-distance runner; Dietary intervention; Balanced diet


Vitamin D3 is mainly synthesized by the body itself. Calcium can promote the activities of certain enzymes in
the body, regulate the activity of enzymes, and participate in the activities of nerves and muscles and the release
of neurotransmitters. With the development of China's sports, competitive sports have also attracted more and
more attention. The middle and long-distance running is an important event in track and field competitions. The
training load of athletes and reasonable nutritional supplements are also increasingly valued by coaches and
researchers. The training goal of middle- and long-distance runners is to require them to have good lactic acid
tolerance, so it is mainly to improve the level of aerobic and anaerobic training. With the improvement of
athletes' ability and level during exercise, their training methods and characteristics will also change. In addition
to requiring athletes to reasonably allocate physical strength during the game, they also need to pay attention to
their own dietary protein, fat and carbon water Compound intake requirements can improve physical function
and quality, and lay a good foundation for its daily training and competition.