Consumer's Trust, Food Quality and Safety Awareness and Dairy Protein Nutrition Analysis

  • Xiujuan Liu
Keywords: Dairy nutrition; Consumer trust; Food safety; Consumer behavior


Yogurt is a traditional food with a long history and more than 4,000 years of history. It is favored by consumers
because of its unique flavor and high nutrition and health care functions. During the fermentation of yoghurt,
some strains cause about 20% of sugar and protein in milk to be hydrolyzed into small molecules. The fat
content in milk is generally 3% -5%. After fermentation, the fatty acid in milk can be increased by 2 times
compared with raw milk. Although dairy products represented by yoghurt have rich nutritional value, due to the
lack of consumer confidence in the quality and safety of domestic dairy products and the preference for
imported dairy products, it is one of the main reasons for the significant increase in imported dairy products in
China. This article sorts out domestic and foreign literature on consumer trust, cognition, and purchasing
behavior, emphasizing that the government and dairy companies should comprehensively and systematically
analyze and understand consumer trust and cognition. Have a profound impact. This has important practical
significance for further enhancing consumer confidence in the quality and safety of national brands.