Organic Vegetable Nutrition and Landscape Structure of Plant Community in Green Park

  • Peng Gong
Keywords: Organic vegetables; Green park; Plant community; Landscape structure


Organic vegetables are considered by consumers or the public to be healthier and safer vegetables due to their
strict organic production regulations. The vitamin C content of organic vegetables is higher than similar
common vegetables. This paper analyzes the landscape structure of organic vegetable nutrition and plant
communities in green parks. With the expansion of the city's scale, the improvement of various facilities and the
increase of the population, it has promoted the prosperity of many aspects of the city's economy, society and
culture. As an important part of the urban ecosystem with self-purification function, the green park has an
irreplaceable role in regulating the ecological balance and improving the environmental quality. The operation
of green parks not only affects the benefits of green parks, but also reduces the high maintenance costs of cities,
and improves the self-sustainability of green park communities. The garden space also has its special
complexity compared to the architectural space. The laws we have obtained from the research still have certain
limitations. At the same time, the study of the characteristics of recreational behavior also needs further
refinement and in-depth.