Vitamin Nutrition of Potato and Nutrition of Left-Behind Children and Psychological Intervention

  • Pengcheng Yan
Keywords: Potato nutrition; Left behind children; Nutrition intervention; Mental health


Potatoes have been transformed from food and vegetable crops to cash crops, and their cumulative production
and total output are increasing year by year. The quality of potato protein is better than that of rice and corn. It is
similar to animal protein and can supply a large amount of human body protein. Protein is a complete protein
that can be well absorbed by the body. Along with the continuous deepening and development of reform and
opening up, and the acceleration of urbanization, the restrictions on population mobility between urban and rural
areas have been broken, population migration, especially entry flows, has been unprecedentedly frequent, and a
large number of peasants go out to work and do business. Forming the current Chinese society, parents in cities
and children in rural areas are a common phenomenon that separates the two places. These children who stay in
the countryside are called left-behind children. On the premise of exploring the nutritional status of left-behind
children, this article focuses on understanding the mental health status and characteristics of left-behind children
in rural areas, analyzes the influencing factors of psychological behavior problems of left-behind children,
determines the focus of psychological health interventions on them, formulates and implements intervention
plans and Evaluate the effect of the intervention and provide a feasible reference model for implementing
mental health interventions for left-behind children in rural areas.