Effects of Low-calorie Protein Nutrition Drinks on Energy Supplementation for Swimmers

  • ZHANG Yanchao
Keywords: Marine shellfish; Protein nutrition drink; Swimming exercise; Energy supplement


Functional foods can improve exercise fatigue and increase exercise levels. China is rich in marine resources.
Among them, shellfish resources are the main food resources for human beings. Shellfish are rich in nutrients
such as taurine, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and trace elements, and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids.
healthy diet habit. Functional foods prepared with marine shellfish as raw materials can play an important role
in the application of improving exercise capacity, alleviating sports fatigue and repairing body damage through
antioxidant effects. Through the analysis of relevant indicators, it can be known that the endurance, anti-fatigue
degree, and aerobic capacity of the test group of the experimental group are significantly higher than those of
the control group (P <0.05), which proves that low-calorie proteins represented by marine shellfish Nutrition
drinks have a better effect on energy supplementation for swimmers. The nutrition improvement program can
better control the ability of coordination and muscle control during swimming training, enhance the athlete's
comprehensive swimming ability, and increase the speed when swimming.