Beef Protein Nutrition and Physical Consumption of Sports Machinery

  • Xia Lu
Keywords: Beef nutrition; Amino acid; Energy consumption; Characteristic analysis


The content of tryptophan in beef is high, and the proportion of 8 essential amino acids is similar to that of
human body. The iron content in beef reached 5.71 mg / 100g, which was 12.7 times that of adult yellow beef.
Copper is not only an active component of various enzymes, it catalyzes the synthesis of hemoglobin, but also a
catalyst in carbohydrate metabolism. This article analyzes beef protein nutrition and sports machinery energy
consumption. The results show that in the weight-return running test, the test group has a very significant
difference in the speed compared to the control group; VO2 / kg, HR, RQ, AEE, and METS have no significant
difference. The results of this study are consistent with Ma Jizheng's results on exercise energy expenditure
under load. The results suggest that there is no significant difference in exercise energy consumption levels
between long-term, explosive-powered weight-bearing states and non-weight-bearing states, but exercise
efficiency is significantly reduced under load-bearing states. Supplementing national athletes with beef nutrition
can effectively improve the national athletes' physical fitness level, and is of great significance in guiding the
daily training of national athletes.