Apple Vitamin B Nutrition Combined with Music Psychological Intervention to Alleviate Depression of Students

  • Zhang Jingjia
Keywords: Apple vitamin; College student depression; Music therapy; Mental health


The vitamin C content of apple fruits is relatively low among various fruits. Vitamin C is more stable in acidic
solutions. In general, some fruits with a slightly acidic flavor, such as kiwi and citrus, in winter fruits often have
higher vitamin c content. This article analyzes apple vitamin B nutrition combined with music psychological
intervention to relieve student depression. Under the pressure of increasingly heavy study, economy, and
employment, college students may experience depression. Depression has become a factor that can seriously
affect and endanger college students' physical and mental health and growth. Music therapy can alleviate the
depression of college students, but because the quality of the included studies is generally not high, more
evidence is needed to confirm the effect of music therapy. Music therapy not only has a good intervention effect
on the depression of college students, but also can alleviate the anxiety of postgraduate entrance examinations,
alleviate insomnia, vent troubles, induce different types of emotional experiences, and promote the memory
effect of college students. This study provides a scientific and comprehensive basis for the promotion and
application of music therapy in college students' mental health education.