Nutrition of Chicken Hydrolyzed Protein and Energy Supplement of Aerobics Action Food

  • Li Xiaohai
Keywords: Chicken hydrolyzed protein; Competitive aerobics; Body metabolism; Energy supplement


There are a lot of oligopeptides and free amino acids in the chicken protein hydrolysate. Modern nutrition found
that most of the protein was absorbed in the form of oligopeptides after enzymatic hydrolysis, and the
proportion of free amino acids was not much. After training, timely energy supplement will be conducive to
better promote the recovery of the body. Through the analysis of the body function of competitive aerobics
training, this paper provides some energy diet supplement suggestions for the coaches and athletes of
competitive aerobics. Competitive Aerobics Athletes in high-intensity training, muscle lactate, electrolyte loss,
heat and various nutrients consumption is huge; the body energy supply system is mainly anaerobic energy
supply. It is suggested that appropriate glucose supplementation according to the training intensity can improve
the training effect of Competitive Aerobics athletes; the selection and supplementation of high-quality protein
can accelerate the recovery of body fatigue; the supplementation of vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E can
maintain the internal circulation balance of athletes.