Analysis of Daily Intake of Protein, Vitamin and Health Care Products for College Teachers and Intervention of Job Burnout

  • Zheqian Su
Keywords: Protein composition; Vitamin nutrition; Job burnout; Dietary nutrition


Vitamins and proteins are a kind of micro low molecular organic compounds necessary for the maintenance of
normal metabolism and physiological functions. According to the results of the investigation, riboflavin and
vitamin C were 1.4 mg and 112 mg per day respectively. This paper analyzed the nutritional intake of protein
and vitamin health care products and occupational burnout intervention of college teachers. And from the
theoretical external environment, university organization system, teachers' own factors to review and summarize
the related problems of job burnout, combined with the characteristics of teachers' role to analyze the source of
job burnout, and to explore and study the relationship between the variables and the impact of job burnout. In
conclusion, the existence of teacher burnout is closely related to social environment, school system, personal
situation and other factors. It can promote the university teachers to alleviate the job burnout from the health
aspect, and provide a certain reference value for the development of university teachers in China.