Effect of Milk Products Amino Acid Nutrition on Violin Players’ Emotion

  • Li Wenjun
Keywords: Dairy nutrition; Amino acids; Violin performance; Playing emotion; Psychological factors


Amino acids are the basic unit of protein. Dairy products also contain some unconventional special amino acids,
some of which have very important physiological activities. Milk amino acid nutrition has a certain impact on
people's psychology and emotions. This article analyzes the influence of milk product amino acid nutrition on
the violin player's emotions. Musical instrument performance puts a double test on the performance skills and
psychological qualities of the players. For stage players, in order to obtain a successful musical instrument
performance on the stage, not only must they have solid basic skills and performance capabilities, but also
require them to Have good psychological quality. By understanding the connotation of stage performance, this
article summarizes the external and internal factors that affect the violin stage performance, to explore the
impact of dairy products amino acid nutrition on the violin player's emotion. At the same time to find solutions
from multiple aspects, the ultimate goal is to improve the stage performance of the player while bringing the
listener a better musical experience.