Evaluation of Maternal Nutrition Status and Nutrition Guarantee System for Normal Fetal Development

  • Xiao Huineng
Keywords: Maternal; Nutritional status; Normal fetal development; Nutritional guarantee


Reasonable and appropriate nutrition is of great significance to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses
and reduce the incidence of pregnancy complications and complications. Beginning in the second trimester,
increase your iron intake. Animal liver, blood and lean meat are good food sources of dietary iron and should be
consumed regularly during pregnancy. At the same time, because vitamin C can promote the absorption and
utilization of iron, you should pay more attention to intake of vitamin C-rich vegetables and fruits, or
supplement vitamin C when supplementing iron. However, due to the changing needs of pregnant women and
their fetuses during pregnancy, the physical and genetic factors of pregnant women and their susceptibility to
some nutrition-related diseases are different. Easy, need to establish objective and effective evaluation indicators
of maternal and fetal nutrition, explore the best ways and methods to adjust nutrition supply, and establish a
reliable quality assurance system.