Vitamin D Nutrition of Green Agricultural Products and Ecological Public Art Design

  • Liu Fulong
Keywords: Vitamin D nutrition; Public art; Ecological design; Art form


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in maintaining human health. 25-hydroxyvitamin
D is the main form of circulation and storage in the human body. Foods such as milk and eggs are rich in
vitamin D nutrients and amino acids. This article analyzes the vitamin D nutrition of green agricultural products
and ecological public art design. In the green life of contemporary people, in addition to the requirements of
green agricultural products, certain requirements are also placed on the ecology of public art design. Public art is
an important symbol of the modern city culture and development. Judging from the responsibilities of
contemporary art in urban construction, the function it performs on the surface is the limitation of public space,
the distinction and division of spaces with different effects. In essence, it plays a role in urban public culture.
The communication function shows a people-oriented attitude, and it is a medium for communication between
people and people. Public art can not only improve the environment, but also improve the beautification of the
city and the living standards of the society.