Vitamin D Supplement for Children and The Construction of Children’s Allowance System

  • Wei Li
Keywords: Vitamin D; Children's welfare; Inclusive model; System construction


Children are the most precious wealth of the country and the basic lifeblood of the survival and development of
human society. With the implementation of the "comprehensive two child" policy, the number of children in
China will increase greatly in the future. This huge group, their healthy growth is related to the fate of the nation
and the future of the country. Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients for children's healthy growth. Vitamin
D deficiency in children is common in the world. Infants, children and adolescents are at high risk of vitamin D
deficiency because they are in the stage of growth and development. Milk and other foods are important sources
of vitamin D. Based on this, the children's welfare system with its important role in the protection of children's
growth is particularly important in the children's allowance system is an important part of the children's welfare
system. Based on the moderate inclusive welfare model, it is of great significance to construct the child
allowance system in China. Under the background that the system of children's allowance needs to be improved,
we should appropriately expand the age of the beneficiaries of the system, increase the applicable situation, and
explore new forms of benefits.